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First, we explore then investigate and finally cross- check before a piece of information goes public- our readers as well as viewers. There is no denying the fact that communication is need of the hour. It is always better not to publish or air any piece of incorrect or socially- sensitive info while hurrying-up for…… BREAKING NEWS. Admittedly, we are not in the rat race. 

We are the 1st Composite Media House of progressive Bihar that houses Pratyush Navbihar Media College. Moreover, all five establishments run under one roof in its own building in Patna. 

Way back in 2002, we had first embraced Bihar in the field of TV journalism when cable channel system in Bihar was still in its infancy. We were the leader at the point of time.

We just inform...., We do not tend to reform...

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In October 2002, young man named Shrikant Pratyush, who was famous among the viewers with the name of ZEE TV walah Reporter started a new journey of eyes full of dreams, but pocket empty. On October 15th Pratyush Television Network (PTN) came into existence. It was none other than the owner of Zee TV Mr. Laxami Narayan Goel who had come down all the way from Delhi to kick off the Pratyush Show in Bihar. Simultaneously, budding youngsters looking for career in TV journalism were being readied by the PTN Institute of TV journalism and Training (now Navbihar Media College), another venture that young Pratyush could raise in larger interest.

On October 2006 Mr. Pratyush laid down the foundation of Hindi daily- Pratyush Navbihar. In quick succession, another feather was added to his cap with the launching of Sanmarg- a National Hindi daily from Patna in 2007. We can also say that it was an initiative of bringing Calcutta- based (now Kolkata) paper to the Hindi heartland called Bihar. Expectedly, it worked in the larger interest.


We firmly believe in qualitative news contents- nothing less, nothing more. Be it Pratyush Navbihar or PTN, our first commitment is simply to the people- the commoners by making ourselves 24×7 available as a powerful and believable to- and- fro Communication Tool. We will continue our sincere efforts of shaping TV professionals as well. Today, well over 350 of our PTN institute-trained Reporters, Producers and Anchors are employed in various capacities with leading news channels of the country. We strongly boast of having their value- based credentials with us as they primarily belong to PTN Family. This process has been continuing for last 16 years.


Our vision is to bring an ‘Unexplored Bihar’ to the fore. Our vision is to strive for achieving a reasonably-good level of social norms by sticking consistently to quality news content only. Our vision is to make feel, atleast mentally, every reader/viewer like a newsperson with fire in his/her belly for disseminating more and more humane information and ventilating genuine ire against social evils.

Finally, to become a ‘Never- Compromising Trend- setter’ in a ‘Value- based News World’ which stands threatened today with a host of obvious but wrong reasons unfortunately.

We act locally...... but, think globally......

We act locally...... but, think  globally......

Pratyush Navbihar

Keeping our commitment and complexion of the newspaper uppermost in the mind-our Editorial Team of Pratyush Navbihar has been striving hard to produce it like Patna ka Rashtriya Akhbar (national daily of Patna). Sticking to the actual norms of print journalism under the watchful eyes of seasoned journalists, this Hindi daily now a multi-edition from Delhi and Ranchi also has fast become a watchdog of society. To a great extent, we have been successful in our vision of making our readers feel like newspersons also. They instantly respond to our write- ups against social evils and wrong-doings. We actually stand for the masses.

In days to come, we will effectively and extensively make presence felt in all blocks and panchayats of the State. Our wide networks is taking care of it.

Pratyush Television Network

When we began our journey way back in 2002, ours was quite new concept. There was an absolutely free and open space for Cable TV. Eyebrows were raised obviously. But 16 years down the line we successfully survived as its denizens- the viewers showered their blessings upon us and thereby declaring PTN an undisputed Leader.

Like our Hindi daily, PTN too is committed to the commoners first.

Today, we are in the process of transforming PTN into a full- fledged Satellite Channel on our own. Also, following our willingness for tie-ups and if all goes well, we will link ourselves to each and every Panchayat in all the districts of the state in not-too-distant future. Moreover, viewers sitting across the country too could watch PTN via dish TV. Many more viewer- friendly plans ar in the pipeline.

Scores of PTN Family members- the Anchors, Producers, Camera-persons and Reporters happen to be the part and parcel of many leading TV channels of the country today. This achievement definitely shows our capability to mould raw into ‘ Technically- qualified Professoinals’.

Navbihar Media College

The Navbihar Media College (the erstwhile PTN Institute of TV Journalism and Training) has completed 16 years of its successful journey. It has so far produced over 350 TV professionals who are employed with leading TV Channel Houses of the country.

The training part of the students starts the day they join the college. Frankly speaking, we lay more emphasis on practical training besides keeping in mind the importance of theory classes also. In the process, they are also given the opportunity of Live Reporting and Anchoring like our employed professional team members do. Here they learn the nuances and hazards of profession while interacting with the people extensively. 

Under the supervision of seasoned TV Gurus/ faculties, the trainees are groomed to work well within the boundaries o ‘Socially- permissible Limit’ with ethics and sanctity being the heart and soul respectively.

We have certain plans to take our students/trainees to some major and well established Electronic Media Houses of the country as a part of Exposure Exercise.

Pratyush Advertising Network

Catching up with the publicity trend, we are also in the business of publicity through published materials like pamphlets and booklets. We possess a strong team for meticulous planning in the field of outdoor publicity. For the last many years, our qualified Publicity Managers have successfully remained associated with leading Partners who are undisputed leaders in this business.

We command substantial space in widely- accepted prime locations in the State Capital of Bihar- Patna. This is the reason why we are obviously the first choice for corporate giants and organisations looking for wide and powerful ‘Publicity with Visibility’. We have successfully acquired state government as well as central government strategic locations in and around Patna.

In the sector of audio-visual publicity, our professional team works out extensive but impressive matters that finally meet the exact demand of our clients. Documentaries do leave permanent impression in the minds of viewers. We do cater to the demands of promos and on-screen advertisements that come from government, semi- government and private sectors.

Let us join hands for a noble cause of structuring effective Media House that stands always for the people, of the people and by the people. Your helping hands would do the rest.

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